Welcome to Surfside Church

Our church is a company of everyday people who love Jesus and value simple, authentic faith

Jude 1 in The Message translation is very calming and full of hope. It says “relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way”. Make a cuppa. Pull up a chair. Relax. Just breathe. Rest. It’s all pretty simple and authentic here. Love is on the way…  His name is Jesus.

We believe you can only truly know who you are once you understand whose you are. We exist to reveal Jesus and thereby help you discover your own identity and purpose. We have a consuming passion for Jesus, the Kingdom of God and humanity. Simple church, preaching of the Word of God, friendship in the faith, a genuine lifestyle of prayer and worship, and devotion to personal discipleship are the scriptural and effective ways to grow in life. We are passionate about seeing people move from spectating in the faith to active Christianity, discovering their value and purpose, leading fruitful & satisfying lives. For us, Jesus is the bedrock and centrepiece of life, not an optional extra. Resolute believers Jesus is central to living a life of purpose, fulfilment, peace and joy, we are dreamers, devoted disciples and friends. We’re imperfect but following Jesus, the perfector of our faith [Hebrews 12:2].

We love the adventure of life together with God and aspire to live surrendered to Christ. He is the Way, the Truth & life John 14:6

Keeping it real is important to us. We have discovered the raw beauty and intimacy of authentic faith.

Jesus matters and so do you

Jesus matters. Saviour. Redeemer. King. We love Him, talk about Him, walk with Him, and follow Him. We believe in Him, we trust Him, obey His Word and learn from Him, experiencing His transforming Power and Presence in our ordinary, daily lives. It’s all about Jesus! It’s about

1. Knowing Jesus [salvation],      2. Growing in Jesus [discipleship] and;      3. Revealing Jesus by showing others the Way [evangelism]

We each have a unique calling and purpose but our collective destiny is to know Him. It’s all about Jesus and it’s really that simple.

People matter. We seek to value and accept others as they are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re at, you are welcome here. Relax and make yourself at home. This is church for the who-so-evers. Come just as you are; you don’t need to know anything about God, the Bible, church or Christianity. We welcome people who don’t have it all figured out, who have questions or even doubts about the faith. You + Jesus = Life. He died for you. You matter infinitely to Him and we believe in a community of faith where we matter to one another. Encouragement and strength for the journey. We are better together.


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