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We are locals who are committed Christians with a passion for Jesus that fuels a love for people and for life. Following a lifelong dream and sense of calling to plant a church in his hometown, Pastor Brian and his family pioneered the church in 2010 with a few friends. Growing out of a fellowship group hosted in their family home, the church has gradually become a safe haven where the who-so-evers can come, discover truth, encounter Jesus, find hope, be changed and find a place of belonging and a sense of family. We have a deep love for God’s Word as truth and wisdom for life in every season and circumstance, and are passionate about enabling others to understand and apply the Word of God to their lives.

Brian is a local who grew up doing all the things locals do, heavily embedded in the Central Coast surf culture. Still a committed surfer, Ps Brian has a heart to see the surf community and our wider community experience the life changing love of God and hope of Christ that completely changed and transformed him. Often heard stating he is ‘ruined forever for the Kingdom of God’, Brian is passionate about preaching the gospel, guitar-shredding, music, family and surfing. He’s also fond of good food, good folks and good fun.

We live local. Love local. Know local and serve local. The Kingdom of Heaven, this place and people are our passion.