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Acts 2:42-47 describes the activities of the early church from which we derive the pillars of Surfside Church. It speaks of how the early apostles outworked their faith in their daily lives in fear and wonder yet with great gladness of heart and simplicity. In this environment of fear and wonder, joy and gladness, simplicity and devotion, sharing of life and togetherness, the church exploded. These are our pillars:

  • Prayer
  • Fellowship
  • The Word (preaching and teaching the Apostle’s doctrine and the Word of God)
  • Communion (The Lord’s Supper)
  • Worship

These pillars are our core values. Our whole existence as a church and our effectiveness as a body of believers rests largely upon our commitment to these foundational hallmarks of the early church and the example set by Jesus. We are resolute in these values.