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Simplicity and authenticity

The hallmarks of our fellowship are simplicity and authenticity. We have a simple approach to life; follow Jesus and keep it real. We value family, friendship and relationship and have strong convictions that flourishing, purposeful lives are the natural outworking of an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Health and wellbeing are found in Him.

Our services are relaxed. Some of us dress up (because we like dressing up) and some of us don’t (because we like to kick back in our sneakers and jeans). We are serious about encountering God over ceremony. We love His Presence. We are about keeping Jesus the centre of it all and following Him through the seasons and trials of life. We are devoted to Him and His House. Anyone can be a convert and believer. Real change comes through discipleship; living a life of devotion, authentically following Christ, whatever life brings. In keeping with simplicity, we are big on the basics of the Christian faith; read the Word and follow it, pray about everything all the time, maintain fellowship, worship in spirit and in truth, give cheerfully, remember the Lord’s supper and what He has done for us. In keeping with authenticity, we aspire to honesty with ourselves and each other, and sincerity in our faith and relationships.

Church is simple and authentic. In a typical service you can expect a relaxed environment, live music, an inspired message from the Bible, age-appropriate care and ministry for kids and an opportunity to connect after church over a coffee. Each week there is an opportunity for giving and to be prayed for. The following facilities are available during services;

  • A crèche for babies and toddlers under two which serves as a nursing mother’s room for infants and their caregivers
  • Children’s ministry for pre-schoolers 2-5 and schoolies 6-12 following the worship each Sunday
  • Disabled parking, access and restroom facilities
  • Light refreshments, tea & coffee

The people of our church are not perfect, but devoted to following and loving Jesus; the perfecter of our faith [Hebrews 12:2].