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Where Can I Serve?

There are lots of ways to get involved at Surfside. Our heart is to help you discover your purpose, enabling and equipping you to fulfil it. We place great value on servanthood and stewardship as the foundation of leadership and are strong advocates for active service in the life of the church as a powerful contributor to community and our sense of belonging along with being fruitful and becoming mature in the faith. Our vision is flourishing lives showing others the way and it begins right here at home! Opportunities for service include;


Worship & Creative Arts

We are passionate in our pursuit of God and expressing our worship creatively through music and arts. We are increasingly discovering God’s diverse and creative nature through music and other creative endeavours. The worship and creative team is a great place to serve and a great honour to be part of. Friendships are forged here, fear is mastered and growth experienced as we develop our giftings and skills.


Ushers | Set Up & Pack Up Crew

This team plays an important role in church life. They’re involved in setting church up, packing it down, and increasingly assist with receiving the offering, helping during services, providing support and direction and generally ensuring the service runs smoothly to enable ministry in the lives of people. The usher team is a highly valued, servant hearted group of people whose ministry is integral to church life.


Media & Technology

This is an area of growing influence and support in church life. It’s simply about using the best tools we have available to us to communicate the gospel and key messages the best way possible. Media and technology helps us communicate with relevance and effectiveness.



Prayer is the lifeblood of the church. Everyone can pray. Prayer moves the Hand of God and prayer builds our relationship with our heavenly Father while fostering a Heart like His. Prayer meetings happen both in an organised formal way and here, there, and everywhere at all sorts of times and locations as part of ordinary daily life among those in the church. There is a strong and vibrant heartbeat of prayer here.


Children’s Church

Our children are our treasure; fiercely valued and protected. Our kids ministry is affectionately known as Counter-Culture Kids around here and provides pre-schoolers and schoolies with a dedicated team and time each week for children to engage and interact with the gospel in a manner better suited to their age and learning style. This is an excellent and rewarding environment to serve in and is all about fun and inspiring our kids in life and their own faith. We value children and family. We honour our children and consider it a blessing to serve them.


Mission Outreach

There are missionary opportunities that present, usually through our missions partners. Check out Missions for more info.


Other Ministry Opportunities

Other opportunities are always emerging. Just ask!