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Creche is for the tiny tots in our midst. This is our pre-schoolers ministry for 2-5 year olds. We have a crèche facility onsite that doubles as a nursing and change room for parents and caregivers of infants. We also seek to provide targeted ministry to our beautiful and precious little ones where we can. Currently our crèche and children’s ministry is combined with the groups often breaking up for age appropriate activities across two rooms sharing one space with a kitchen, playground and bathroom facility attached. This is where songs are sung, stories of Jesus and the bible are shared, activities are experienced that stir the heart and fuel the imagination and children have their first opportunities to pray for others and ask for prayer, to share about Jesus all while enjoying morning tea and play together. We instil Godly character and values in our children and educate them from their youth how to learn from Jesus and apply the Word of God to life. This ministry is the nesting space for greatness where we work hard to cultivate a sense of calling and identity in Christ from their earliest days. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “we should not teach our children what they can do before we instil in them who they should be”. Our dream and desire is to ensure kids have a great time in church – connecting and having fun while building solid character and faith from day one.