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We are committed to advancing the kingdom in partnership with local solution across the earth. Our missionary partners are all close friends who are dear to our hearts and part of our extended fellowship. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to touch the world for Jesus through close and dear friends called to the ministry of missions. It starts local, and from our very own Neighbourhood Centre in Toukley to the highways and byways of Africa, Papua New Guinea, India and Madagascar, we are doing whatever we can, however we can to meet the needs of humanity as best we can, using what is in our hand to fulfil what is in our heart.


Local Initiatives:

Scripture Union | Local Schools Partnership

We are active supporters of our local scripture union and teachers, providing prayer and financial support to volunteers to ensure our local kids continue to have every opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus while they are at school.


Toukley Neighbourhood Centre (TNC) | Kylie Hopkins & Team

Surfside Church has enjoyed a dynamically evolving relationship with the TNC since the church’s inception in 2010. Our partnership with the neighbourhood centre is diverse and has included involvement in and support of Foodbank, emergency relief, travel vouchers, fuel vouchers, Christmas packages to families in crisis and need, referral, and many other partnerships to improve local TNC infrastructure and better meet community need through combined efforts. TNC is our local mission we support financially and prayerfully. For more information see: www.tnc.org.au


International Initiatives:


Yokefellows | Chris & Nadia Low

Dr Nadia Fretze and American husband Chris Low are good friends of Surfside. Chris is the founder of Yokefellows; a non-profit organisation working in Eastern Africa. The goal of Yokefellows is to provide people in abject poverty with practical solutions to better their lives. Yokefellows attempts to live out the Bible by extending a hand in partnership to those in dire conditions. Help is offered by providing technical advice and expertise to bring technologies that are affordable, sustainable and appropriate, and by partnering with local leaders to implement local building projects. Yokefellows focuses primarily on small villages often overlooked based on their size, working with local leadership to help them realise their vision for their community. Yokefellows acts as a facilitator to help activate local resources and people, and provide financial backing and technical expertise. Projects include schools, medical clinics, community centres, water projects, energy generation and infrastructure. For more information or to give and support directly, visit: www.yokefellowspfp.org



Chosen Servant Ministries | Brendan & Diary Singhdeo

Brendan Singdheo is a much beloved friend of the faith and founder of CSM. Working under the mandate “Provide Education, Provide Opportunity”, Chosen Servant Ministries is an organisation with the purpose of feeding the poor and teaching them how to feed themselves, providing education and opportunities for people to succeed in life. We can’t do everything, but we can do something! And the “Something” Chosen Servant Ministries is doing is teaching health and hygiene, and distributing healthcare products to those in need. CSM is busy treating the sick, providing healthcare by trained doctors, and emergency relief. They are distributing clothing to those suffering in the cold. They are teaching new adaptable farming techniques, and providing local jobs for programs they run to help CSM be more self sufficient and keep employment local. Brendan’s family are part of our church family and many of our church family have been to Madagascar and worked with Brendan over the last couple of years. While Brendan was working in Madagascar he met his beautiful Malagasy wife, Diary. They have an incredible story and testimony and provide ongoing opportunities for volunteers to be involved in their ministry. CSM facilitates missions trips for those with a heart for this nation to serve on the mission field. Rapidly growing and diversifying with projects on the ground in Soavinandriana, Mahajanga and Vangaindrano, other CSM ventures include;

  • CSM Environment — Reforestation, conservation agriculture and environmental education. Aligned with Madagascar’s Development strategy, CSM environment balances economic growth and equitable development with natural conservation.
  • Kids In School — Dedicated to lifting children out of Madagascar’s poverty and changing the direction of each child’s future. The provision of a uniform, pens, books, pencils and school fees is less than three dollars a week and keeps kids in school!
  • Mumma’s Off The Street — CSM started this program due to the large number of mothers and children living on the streets. Jobs are provided to single mothers in making jewellery/accessories/gift cards etc to get mothers and families off the cold and dirty streets. CSM provides these families with a home costing the organisation approximately $12/month for rent along with basic essentials like beds, blankets and cooking pots. CSM also pays for the schooling and healthcare of these mothers’ children.
  • Emergency Relief Fund — CSM has an emergency relief fund to provide financial support and solution to Malagasy people at clinics who need further hospital care and medical treatment they cannot afford. One young girl 8 years old named Foeyrana, looked like she was only four years of age due to being horribly malnourished. She was living in a terrible situation, bathing in dirty, diseased water full of rubbish. Foeyrana had an anorectal prolapse at her tender age and it was so painful to her, she couldn’t attend school for four years. Foeyrana’s corrective surgery and associated medication cost a mere $50. This is an opportunity to radically improve the quality of life and alleviate suffering for many.

For more info or to support direct, see: www.csm.org.au


Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea

Maranatha Ministries | Phil & Pam Bailey

Pam and Phil Bailey are local legends from Dooralong on the Central Coast. Phil built their original yacht, the Maranatha after retiring from Customs as a Narcotics Investigator. Working seasonally in the Louisiades Archipelago, south east of Papua New Guinea, the crew provides ministry support to the National Pastors and churches in the area. From preaching and teaching to training Sunday School teachers, building worship centres, installing solar lighting and more, Pam & Phil have worked hard for many years to serve the beautiful people of this part of the world. Crossing oceans, teaching the Word, fixing electrical issues, teaching English, building community facilities – it’s all in a days work for these two intrepid explorers! Brave and full of faith and willingness, Pam and Phil are a great blessing to our church and everyone in their world. For regular updates, see www.yachtmaranatha.wordpress.com/



Hearts for Jesus | Pastor Aruldass & Pastor Giften & their families

Hearts for Jesus (HFJ) is a growing ministry in India established by Pastor Aruldass in 1981. With its headquarters in Udumalpet, HFJ exists to reach the unreached and minister to the needs of the church. Their main motive is to spread the gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus, and make them Disciples of Christ. Every believer is challenged to be more like Jesus and to take the Gospel to their neighbourhood. HFJ currently serves over 40 villages through personal evangelism, praying for the sick, providing Gospel literature and resources, village outreach, open-air gospel meetings and social welfare activities. HFJ has a raise and release modus operandi, training villagers for the work of the Gospel and making them co-labourers, sending them and teaching them how to bring the light of Christ to their own communities. HFJ has a strong tradition and core vale of being bible based, operating under the influence of the Holy Spirit with Christ as the Head of the Church. Church ministry involves a diverse portfolio of programs seeking to enhance the prayer life of believers, equip them and inspire them for evangelism and nurture their discipleship. Currently, HFJ is prayerfully concentrating on planting churches in villages where there is spiritual bondage and darkness. They also have a dedicated missionary training ministry, fasting and prayer ministry and many women’s, men’s, youth and Pastors ministries. Revival crusades are an important part of their ministry. Ps Aruldass is thoughtful, humble and full of the joy and wisdom of God. It is our great privilege to pray for them and stand with them in faith to believe for the provisions and breakthroughs they need.

For more information, see: http://hfjindia.webs.com